Beautifully Broken (If I Break #3) by Portia Moore

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My Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Genre: Contemporary Romance

The conclusion to the If I Break Series.

I was  soo excited to get my hands on this final part and put together all the puzzle pieces of this crazy complicated puzzle. I enjoyed this story there was just so much I discovered that kept me interested.

There are many things I liked about this series one of them being Lauren. She’s this incredibly strong woman who has literally been through hell but she still never gave up. I mean I cannot possibly imagine if it could get much worse than your husband having no memory of you.  I guess Caylen was enough motivation for her to continue fighting for her husband. I can’t help but love her commitment to her family how she would go against everyone and keep fighting for Cal. There’s also just so much pain my heart broke for the situation she found herself in.

And meet Cal everybody:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fucking Prince Charming but I never lead girls on. Never make promises I won’t keep. I don’t lie. Each one knows to expect nothing from me but a good time. There’s no need to play with a girl’s emotions. No need to tell them you love them when you don’t mean it, and if you are fucking someone else, you definitely don’t mean it.

I think I like Cal the best. The alpha male with daddy issues? Yes please. I still liked to root him for him regardless of how charming Chris may have been,  Cal was still the one who started this story and made me like it in the first place, can’t cheat on him now can I. He was a good husband like everything he did for his wife,  the secrets went necessary he should have trusted her enough not to leave but evening he did he did with good intentions.  How could I hate him for that?

beautifully broken collage

The story itself is very fascinating. I fell for the theme of marriage issues that weren’t really the typical issues you would think people encountered. This was much worse. And boy am I a sucker for bad situations. Do I recommend? Yes do read this series. I was immersed throughout with this fascinating tale of a woman who never gave up on her husband even with even everything they went through. I got the happy ending I wanted!

“You say you want to know the whole story…all my secrets. Well, this is where it starts,” he says, reaching his hand out to me. I look up at him sceptically.

“Is this a game or something?”

“Games are for kids. Welcome to our new fucked-up reality,” he says.

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