Tight by Alessandra Torre


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My Rating: 5 stars of out of 5

Genre: suspence, romance,  erotica

tight (tīt) (adj.) closely integrated and bound in love or friendship “a tight-knit family”

I honestly had the BEST time reading this beauty. My mind was in a battle trying to catch up with what the ending could possibly be and to learn more about the book but I couldn’t have guessed! Pretty much a mind f*ck to be completely honest.

It is official though,  Alessandra Torre has just reached my favourite author list *round of applause*. She is so incredibly talented with her orchestration of the whole book, the way it was set out, the timing of reach narration and all the while keeping the reader on edge guessing throughout the whole book. That right there is pure talent if you ask me.

I also have come to love the portrayal of ‘love’ in this book. I am not a cheesy person, very far from delving in to romantics to be honest but the writing just makes you think…this isn’t some average romance, one we may see in many books no, this right here is the real thing. Holding on and fighting, healing, I’ve never believed more. The way Riley sees her whole future with this guy, realises the dangers of falling, it’s presented in the most realistic way possible. Something another woman may be able to relate to. If love exists this is it. I don’t get this cheesy usually guys but heck if this book doesn’t bring it out of me!

What if we grew old together? What if this was it, he was my soulmate and this breathless, nervous excitement that I felt whenever he reached for me, smiled at me – what if it never faded and was there forever? What if our kids had kids, and we retired together and bought vacation homes and went on cruises and played shuffleboard? What if my hair turned white, and he still loved me, and we died like that old couple in Titanic, our hands clasped, us entering heaven within minutes of each other?

I have read many slavery themed books in the past, Stockholm syndrome is highly prioritized in these ones but this one highlighted the strength of the one captured. She was able to keep in touch to with her former self and not succumb to the torment she was dealt. In that sense this book does touch on a very sensitive topic so if you’re a squeamish kinda person then I don’t think this is for you. However if you are familiar with this concept in stories then you need to read this!

Riley and Brett both managed to steal my heart. They were both pretty much perfect. Riley’s narration portrayed some of the finest wisdom / thoughts. I think I connected to her character more too because of the way she acted and thought about life Reflected my own views. She is so hard to dislike. And Brett is honestly every female readers dream. He’s the mysterious type that keeps the ladies wondering but he’s actually pretty sweet and an incredibly loving man.

I was too old to feel that way, the adolescent, breathless high. Nervous anticipation at the idea that I might walk downstairs and bump into his gaze. The tingling feeling that I might have met my soul mate, kissed his mouth, gazed up into his face and felt his smile touch my skin. Was I one of hundreds? Just another girl, just a brief experience that he would think nothing of? Did I imagine the spark, the connection?

Bottom line is, I loved it, and this will stay with me for a long time. Such a beautiful but thoughtful story. Alessandra  writes some of the best romances.

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