Debt by Nina G. Jones


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My Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Genre: Dark Romance, Erotica

Tax is poisonous, and if you are unfortunate enough to touch him in any way, his poison seeps in to your life.

This book was one crazy, fabulous, deep and emotional journey.

Man the feels rating for this one is really high.

At first I thought this was going to be greatly like Raw by Belle Aurora. But boy was I wrong.

I must admit during the beginning I thought the whole thing was messed up and wrong. I had no bought of sympathy for Tax. I never accepted his behaviour and found no excuse possible for him to do such a thing. But then I realised that Mia was a consenting individual and well…I began to enjoy their story.

I mean the story is just something else. It’s full of drama, and I mean the heartbreaking intense kind of drama. Revenge is a brutal path and once treaded on, you cannot go back. So you can imagine how intense everything must have been. What happened to Tax, not being able to get justice for such a horrendous act, I mean I cried for the guy and his sister, Jude. And I understood they couldn’t let go of what happened one awfully unfateful night. Man their life was so messed up. I know many people are saying they dislike Jude, but to be honest, I feel there was still hope for her. The things she went through, it’s a miracle she even survived the way she did. She was just scared of the future and losing her brother.

I think the trips back in time were a nice touch to this whole story. We’re slowly given bits and pieces of what actually happened rather than just at once. It’s a good tactic which keeps you gripped and actually makes the story a whole lot more entertaining. I think one of the best things was getting to know Tax. His past, his present, his pain, his growth. He’s not really a bad man as much as he pretends to be. And I’m glad Mia knew him enough to understand that. So thank you Mia for not being one of those annoyingly self-absorbed heroines. You truly are an inspiration and role model for true women strength. Real strength is being strong enough to love your man for the both of you.

My heart actually hurt for Tax. Having to make certain choices that weren’t necessarily acceptable but his intentions were always good. He was such a good brother to Jude and well, its so easy to sympathise with their situation due to the authors incredibly well capturing of their pain. And trust me this book holds a lot of pain, but at least we get a good ending! It’s really difficult to describe this book with too much detail because I think the readers should experience the whole thing without knowing too much about it.

This story is just so well set out. There’s a meaning to it, it’s not just another bad guy, innocent girl romance. It’s so much more than that and I am so glad I read this book. I think everyone who reads from this dark genre should give this a go. I love love love it!

Mia…Mia you are so god-damn beautiful,” he murmurs so low, I almost miss it. He says it like he begrudges that he feels that way. “I hate you..I fucking hate you,” he grumbles in a much clearer voice.

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