Unblocked – Episode Two (Timber Towers #2) by Marni Mann – Release Day Special


One taste was all it took. 

Derek Block demands more. 

Frankie Jordan wants to run. 

Pleasure complicates business. 

But some passion is just too hard to resist. 

Things are getting hotter as real estate gets real…. 

This is Episode Two of the five-episode Timber Towers novella series.

What to say about book two?!

Book one was a really fun read for me. It included all the introductions, the start to the story. And then book two really got into the relationship route of things. In this one we are taken on a journey exploring the main characters desires and feelings. Things got steamier, Derek and Frankie act upon their desires while in the first one they kept as much distance between each other as possible. So I won’t be lying when I saw that there was an incredible amount of hotness included. So if you do like the erotica, mysterious business man kinda stories then this series is doing a pretty good job of being enjoyable within that genre.

I’m not even ashamed to admit that I have a major crush of Derek. For no other reason than his chill personality, his not caring about showing his wealth in the clothes that he wears. That quality is one I have never witnessed in a male character in this genre. All of them usually display this need for showcasing their wealth in the clothes that they wear etc but no not Derek. I really appreciated that little change. Another thing about Derek that really pulled me in is that he’s not afraid to go after what he wants. He’s incredibly upfront, there’s no hesitancy on his part. I hope he doesn’t go all soft in the next instalments because boy that would be a waste.

I’m glad that Frankie never acted a teeny bit clingy. She was so grown up about all interactions between her and Derek. She held her ground and never once acted like they were in a relationship when they weren’t. She’s such a refreshing heroine and I truly hope she stays that way.

unblocked 2 collage

Overall, I think this series is blimming fantastic. So steamy and a really enjoyable story to follow. I simply cannot wait for the next one, after that ending! I just soo need the next book. I can already tell more surprises will follow. I love a fast flowing book and this is exactly it.


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 Also if you haven’t already you might want to read the first episode before this one!

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