Third Debt (Indebted #4) by Pepper Winters


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My Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Genre: Dark, Suspense

Debts and death and diabolical hawks didn’t scare me any more. Only the thought of what Jethro would face scared me.

It is no surprise that I am a lover of Jethro Hawk. That man is an ocean, we always find out something new and incredible about him in each and every part. I think in this one we get to see him for who he truly his. All the secret are finally out in the open and boy were they shocking. This poor thing has to endure through absolute hell from his so called father and to be honest even though it’s Nila always paying the debts I feel Jethro is the one who is really suffering. To be put to test by a father who wants Jethro ruthless, which is the only way he can live to inherit and make a difference. My heart honestly broke for him. And then his condition! Oh my God. There can be nothing worse than being in that family and suffering through such a thing. Sorry no spoilers about his condition!

Nila sort of got on my nerves in this. I think it’s just me not her character. The way she would just whine about Jethro not really loving her when he did indeed confess and help her? Like is she just insecure or stupid? Why oh why if you claim to be deeply in love would you doubt that person. It doesn’t have to a necessity in every single book where the main heroine goes through doubts about being loved. I feel Nila should have embraced that fact from the beginning because what we are told they have is truly powerful. I also found her incredibly annoying when they are literally in a life or death situation and she’s always like ‘But Jethro I need to stay here with you’ when his father could have been watching them.

I absolutely love Kestrel. He’s like the perfect brother, perfect man, perfect human being. The things he sacrificed for his brother. You know there’s always that character, apart from the main ones which you just absolutely adore? Yep, Kestrel fits in to that category. I just hope nothing severe actually happens to him after that ending.

And talking about the ending…. yes it was incredibly intense. I literally cannot believe that just happened and I’m having to wait till August for the next part. I swear if anything happens to any of the characters I won’t be able to go ahead with reading. Just not very good with tragedies! That being said, this story is pretty incredible. It’s different and keeps you on edge every time. Yes, there are some things which get annoying but it’s still a pretty good read. I guess no harm can come in giving it a go, so do!

thirs debt collage

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