Do Not Disturb (Deanna Madden #2) by Alessandra Torre


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My Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Genre: Thriller, Suspense


Alessandra Torre has written some of my favourite books to date and no doubt this series is on that list. I love a good suspense with craziness involved and well this book was all about the crazy. It’s sick but it keeps you intrigued, just the correct elements for a good thriller.

At just every turn I was going mad with wanting to know what happens…I was so close to turning to the last page but I didn’t want to miss anything important. The struggle was real. I just love but am still really wary of Deanna you know? She’s fucked up. Like a serial killer in the making. I just hope she doesn’t lose it altogether and she can continue to be as strong as she has been so far. Because lets admit it hurting a paedophile and a serial rapist is probably a good thing. If only all serial killers were so useful. Regardless, she has / had many opportunities where she could hurt an innocent but the question remains of whether she is strong enough to battle her crazy killer tendencies. She just might snap one day.

One main thing I must say is that this book did really well with the multiple point of views. We have Deanna’s perspective which is told from first person, then we have third person perspective from the villain himself; Marcus and also my beloveds; Jeremy and Mike. It’s just about getting the right balance of changing view points, adding their stories in just the right places and this book definitely achieved that. Because the outcome was the story keeping us on edge the whole way through.

I think Alessandra gets the concept of love pretty spot on. Like I feel so much with her characters more than any other books because their relationships and feelings are so reality based. The characters were really brought to life and in my mind they do exist. Excuse me for being such a fan girl. My favourite person to date is Mike…. I cannot wait to get more on his story. He’s been the greatest friend to Deanna, even though they have never really met each other. And I think in the next part we’ll get more of him. I also want to know more about this mysterious therapist Deanna always speaks to. I also have a hunch he may be present physically for the next part. Fingers crossed.

Overall, an absolutely fantastic read. That should say it all. And I conclude with one of my favourite quotes in the book:

It is here, the moment I have fought, hoped against while secretly desired. I am loved. Me: dirty, rotten me. The man hasn’t even had me, our touches restricted to heavy petting and third base, our dates mostly centred on food or bringing me items I have been deprived off.

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