Awaken (Spiral of Bliss #3) by Nina Lane

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My Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Genre: Contemporary, Romance

I’ve been meaning to read the final instalment and I finally figured it was time to finish what I started. I know I’m probably one of the few people to not have caught on this series earlier but you know I finally did it! I was first introduced to this book by reading the many good reviews out there however the first book didn’t feel like it was for me. But I admit the content in general was pretty good, I never got to love it. The second book, I liked better and the third, well I can say I’ve gotten to that point where I did like it a lot.

I’m not usually for cheesy quotes or sappiness but I’ve got to admit, Dean and Olivia are absolutely adorable. You know that cute couple you just cannot help but love? If you’re a romance lover, you’ll probably enjoy their story. I think if it wasn’t for these two I wouldn’t have liked this book. But honestly, their growth and strength as a couple is just so real and something you cannot help but love witnessing. Their story wasn’t an unbelievable soppy romance, it was more of the opposite. Real, passionate and believable. They’ve had a few ups and downs but they’ve managed to pull through thick and thin, they are like the perfect picture of a good couple if you know what I mean. I feel this story is a tale about not letting the passion die in a long term relationship, helping each other prosper and having faith through the hard times. It will be quite hard to forget Dean and Olivia.

And believe me when I say Professor Dean is just the epitome of perfection. Possibly a favourite character of mine now. He was the absolute best for Olivia, becoming what she needed and supporting her, never letting anything destroy them. Could he be any more perfect? He has like that old school honour way about him, a complete gentleman and hard…I mean incredibly hard not to love!

It was bitter sweet watch Olivia grow through this final book. I feel she has seen so much but it’s all had good consequences as she has learnt so much. She’s never been so sure of herself or her relationship and it’s the perfect conclusion.

However I couldn’t help feeling like something was missing. At the beginning it felt a little slow. There were a few too many sex scenes and their possibly could have been a little more story rather than countless passionate scenes. I also felt a little like it wasn’t necessarily for me you know? Don’t get me wrong it is a good book, but it also wasn’t perfect enough for me to give it a high rating. But I can recommend it to contemporary romance lovers because you may just really love it. I know a lot of people out there do but I think it was just me who found something missing.

“There are so many important lessons I’ve learned in my journey to now. Trust your instincts, follow your bliss, make plans, work hard, learn to let things go. Don’t be late. Remember that fortune favors the brave. Live. If you need to run, try and run toward something. Study for tests. Laugh at silly cartoons. Be organized. If you fall seven times, get up eight. Always carry an extra pen. Believe you can do everything. Find your key. And the most valuable lesson I’ve learned will forever live in my heart, right beside my husband. Love the one who proves to you that happily ever after is only the beginning.” 

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