These Are The Moments by Jenny Bravo


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My Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Genre: Contemporary, High School, Romance, New Adult

For the boy and girl, on the old porch swing.

I am a total and utter mess.

I spent the past day reading this and doing nothing much else. This book had me so captivated and I’m just trying to find the right words you know? There’s so much to say and somehow I’m still a little speechless.

I love a good reminiscent story. Going back in time, remembering people, tales and talking about how that led to the present. The beginning of the story started with Simon and Wendy’s very first meeting, and I love how it progressed from there to talking about how they got to the present. I enjoyed going back and forth in time because every little tale was so significant to the whole book. It had my heart sinking and ergh I just felt so so much. Simon and Wendy are someone who have been through hell of a lot and the kind of people you think for, what if? There are so many what ifs throughout this story. But it also talks about living in the moment, because they are ultimately what make the bigger picture. And I just feel like I’m falling short on talking about how beautiful this book really was.

And don’t even get me started on the emotions. It was bitter sweet, it was intense. I love stories like these that are so realistic and have a deeper meaning in the process. Like every memory relived through this book, every present tale teaches you something and that is exactly why it is worth the read. I found myself highlighting the shit out of this book. It’s also pretty different to a lot of new adults nowadays in the sense that it doesn’t revolve around sex. THANK YOU FOR THAT JENNY BRAVO. It showed real emotion without the physicality of it. Most books nowadays will lead to physical attraction being the centre of everything but honestly, this book was so refreshing because it focused on real attraction; going through so much together, growing together and not because the other person is so damn attractive but because they are them and they are it. You know what I mean?

I loved the friendships, the laughter, the growing up and being friends still theme. I think the relationship shown between Wendy and her sister Claudia is so important to the main story. It shows you should make it right when you can, live in the moment, so at least Claudia learnt from Wendy’s mistakes.

I just want to give this book a big hug and cherish it forever and ever because damn it’s made me in to a soppy mess. I just couldn’t get over the ending, and I think it’s a shame that it was the only thing that didn’t make sense to me throughout. May be I just didn’t understand it? May be the conclusion was that what always happens between them would happen? I don’t know, it just wasn’t an ending for me and I am hoping so bad to get that ending as an epilogue or something. I NEED IT. Because I cannot stop thinking about what would happen? Nevertheless, I think every single person reading this should go on to reading this book too because it was so much better than I could have hoped for. Like if I ever went on to write a book one day, I would want it to be exactly like this.

“There’s an other side to this,” Wendy started to say, unsure of where she was going. “I know you don’t want to hear that, but it’s true. Right now, it’s so huge. Meteor huge. But it won’t always be that big. Someday, it’ll be a little less huge. A little less consuming.”

Was that true? Maybe. Maybe not.

these are the moments

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