Unblocked – Episode Three (Timber Towers #3) by Marni Mann – Release Day Special

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Derek Block confronts his past. 
Frankie Jordan’s past pursues her. 
Secrets threaten to keep them apart. 
They want to let go of each other, but can’t. 
Their passion is too hot to resist. 
Things are scorching as real estate gets real… 

This is Episode Three of the five-episode Timber Towers novella series.

Derek and Frankie’s story just seems to get better and better.

Like I don’t usually read novella’s but I’ve really gotten in to this one. I love how each and every part to this series focuses on different aspects. In the first one we were introduced to the different sorts of characters. the second one got a little more intimate and we got more of the story and well the third….blimey. There was so much story and all these things going on. It got me really in to reading it! Plus it was so incredibly hot. Phew. It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes Derek. Sorry. Random song lyric just popped in to my head.

I think when it comes to novella’s this one is really good for it’s genre. I really like this whole episode idea, it really does seem like a TV show to me with the whole layout of it. The author got the recipe just right. The right amount of drama, interaction, character and plot. So I think it’s a good one to read if you’re looking for something in the novella section.

I really do love Frankie’s character. You know sometimes when you connect with a character so easily? Like you understand her actions and her thought process and it’s like you go girl? Yeah. I felt that way with Frankie. I can get easily annoyed by whiny heroines but thank God that Frankie wasn’t so much like that. She backed off from Derek when needed and avoided all those clingy behaviours. And the end, boy the end. I can guess what she’s going to do and well, I sort of think it will be the right course of action for her to take since she has all this responsibility at work.

I think one slightly downfall was the too many steamy scenes. I mean it’s a good thing here and there but I could have done without them. Like I feel it should have been more about the personal connection rather the attraction levels Derek and Frankie feel for each other. And I would have liked it even more if I got more of the story instead of the fiery scenes.

Nevertheless, I really did enjoy this one the most out of all the parts I have read! The writing is great, the story is interesting and it’s just a fun read you know? I am excited to read the next part because I can already feel this is going to get way more intense and there’s so much drama to come!!!

Unblocked 3 - Graphic by Slut Sistas Book Blog

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May be a good idea to read Episode One and Two before this one though!

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You can also connect with the author to keep up with the latest news regarding her books…



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