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My Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Genre: Chick Lit

You know them cliche’s we always see in romance books, yeah they were all present in this book, but not in the way you might imagine. The broody boss? The kinky relationship? The childhood sweetheart turned husband? And the bad boy we wish we could change? Yup. Yup. Yup and Yup.

We have four bloggers; Brook, Rachel, Lizzie and Jess who are so completely in to their books that they begin to act out their imaginations in their reality (slightly insane if you ask me). They develop this bond between them where they share things they wouldn’t even dare with people they know in real life. But their real life is slightly sucky at the moment, and they want their love life to resemble something from a romance book. But we all know how that would turn out.

I think everyone who is a romance reader, and is friends with many other romance readers is going to appreciate this book. It’s one thing I really liked about it and one of the reasons I picked it up in the first place. It’s different and its for readers and reviewers who become friends with people they have never seen yet develop a good bond with. So that being said I think every reader and reviewer should give it a go.

This book shows how fantasy will always remain fantasy and real life can sometimes be unexpected but better. I think one thing that didn’t make sense to me was how these girls were in their 20s yet acted like they were teenagers. Playing out books in real life? This ain’t no fairy tale. Books are just an escape and how a person can mistake them for being something real, I don’t know. They closed their eyes to what was reality and what was real, and I guess I just found it a little silly. Apart from that, I guess it was in a way necessary to relay this message upon the reader:

“I can’t live my life like a romance novel.”

No honey you can’t.

There were also other things which made me laugh and I totally had to agree with.

“JessRomance93: I hate pube talk. I don’t need to heart about some chick’s wet curly pubes during a sex scene. It grosses me out.
Rachel-XXOO: Hey, Lizzie, do you even know what pubes are? Do they have pubes in the UK?
Lizzie1214: Yes, of course we have pubes in the UK. LOL. And yes… I agree, ew to pube talk.
Rachel-XXOO: I just thought maybe you guys called them something different over there, like Prince “Hairies” or “Hairy Potters” or some weird shit like that.”

One thing I do not like, is stereotypes where one assumes all brown people are the same. We have a main male character by the name of Jag Patel. While I fully appreciated the mixture of cultures, I did not appreciate how he was assumed to fast in Ramadan by the author. Jag is a hindu name, not muslim, was that supposed to be a joke or was it ignorance? I don’t know.

Apart from that little point, it was a book which I liked reading. It gave me something a little different, and I love different. I fully appreciated it being a reader and reviewing the books I read and like I said, it’s for people like us!

“You know what. I read all these books and in the books there’s always the long string of disposable slutty girls who gets tossed aside once the wild boy falls in love. And you never really think about those girls. The reader is always so focussed on the ‘changing for the better hero’ and the ‘innocent deserving heroine,’ that they don’t even think about all those girls whose hearts were stomped on before the guy found the one.”

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