Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn


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My Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Genre: Suspense, Thriller

“It’s a very difficult era in which to be a person, just a real, actual person, instead of a collection of personality traits selected from an endless Automat of characters.”

Let me start by saying, that this book is absolutely twisted, full of cleverness and was a pretty great read. like going into it I had no idea what it would be about (except the title’s kinda self explanatory). I kept telling people to not ever speak to me about the plot whatsoever and I avoided watching the movie because I knew I would read the book first and would want to experience it fully. So I won’t really delve into the plot because what would be the point in that considering this is a thriller? If you haven’t already read or seen the movie then I don’t want to spoil!

One thing that really spoke to me was the authors portrayal of society. When I was studying media psychology I learnt about this theory (cultivation theory) where what we see on tv and other forms of media, we begin to see it as common occurrence in reality as well. When in actual fact it may not happen that often at all. So, because media forms hype about the husband usually being the suspect and the offender, the general population begin to think that too. This is what is shown in this book, the man is always in the wrong and women are always shown more sympathy. I was sooooo sorry for Nick like why must he be blamed? Because he’s a man? Thanks Gillian for showing us how wrong this can be. So the play on gender roles and society beliefs was one thing I tremendously loved reading about (even though it did make me mad a little).

Moving on, the writing style also held lots of promise. A little bit of humour here, some thought provoking words there and some brilliant insight in to different character mind sets. The writer is really good. Like, I feel it is such an art to be able to delve in to the mind of a different character and to write it in first person and make it as though you are that person, that is serious talent.

This story also makes you wonder, if love is as real as they usually make it in the books? Is it just an idea? It may just be the idea of loving a person, acting certain ways to show love, you eventually believe it to be true, because that is how you think it should be. So thanks again Gillian for showing us this concept of love.

However, no book is perfect, there are always some downfalls. One I felt was that the first was kind of didn’t hold as much importance to me as the second part did. May be because there was too much description or details about things and events so far fetched from the actual story. I did not see the point of them and I wasn’t hooked completely by them you know?

I also think the ending kind of ruined it a little for me. Like the whole idea for me was stereotypes, justice for the wrongly convicted, like the ending didn’t completely satisfy me. However, I still did enjoy this read, and I think it is a brilliant book. Recommended for all.

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