Easy Virtue (Virtue #1) by Mia Asher


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Genre: Contemporary, Romance

My Rating:4 stars out of 5

Reminder to self: I mustn’t read books part of an incomplete series… I really need to stop doing that!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, hands down. There are so many things about it which I liked. The credit no doubt goes to Mia Asher for writing such a captivating books. Some of the quotes; damn, so intense and powerful. I was highlighting the shit out of it. Can you blame me though?

The main character; Blaire is supposed to be very anti heroine. Yes she’s the bitch but she’s one of the few ‘bitches’ who I completely understood and even sympathised with. The way the story was told made me able to step in to her shoes, and see the world for what it truly is. I even agreed with her to an extent. I mean, it is kind of true, her ideas on how there are more important things than love such as security, call me crazy but it definitely made sense. Do I blame her for using her gold digging methods? No. It’s a shitty world and all she is doing is surviving.

I think one of the main things which had me attracted to this story was how the chemistry was so palpable between Ronan and Blaire and then Lawrence and Blaire. I gotta hand it to the author for writing it in such a way where I felt every little emotion and I got the character connection. I was completely immersed in to the story and I think it’s all to with the fabulous writing. The dialogue between the characters, the times they were together, all had me completely wowed. There is also a sort of mourning, sorrowful vibe to this story. Something which has you agreeing that yeah this world is a bitch. I think it’s because Blaire feels the pain of her actions and because she is the narrator we are also able to see it through her eyes. Hence another reason I connected so well with her.

Yes, there is a cliffhanger, and yes I do wish I had waited until book two came out to read this. But I never really saw it coming so….! I do hope Blair and Lawrence stay together, of course I’m going to be team Lawrence! How the hell could I not?! I think this is one amazing book, and I hope read it if you haven’t already. If you are impatient like me then definitely wait for book 2 to come out first!

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