Asking For It by Lilah Pace


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My Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Genre: Dark

Asking for it is a dark romance novel which has provided something, not so new but still unique in its own way, which has proven refreshing. There is nothing more I love than a story which gives me something unique. It plays along storylines which we may have previously read about, but it’s not so in the typical way. There is no real ‘danger’ from the main lead, so the heroine doesn’t dramatically fall for the bad guy. There is taboo, but it’s more in a consensual, ‘play’ way.
First of all, our heroine isn’t one to dramatise and cry over things that have happened to her. We are not constantly reminded by her how shitty life has been with her. I mean you know in books like these where the heroine can be a drama queen trying to gain sympathy at every turn from her audience? Yeah, well Vivienne isn’t like that at all. We know she’s had some shitty things happen to her, but we all move on and get on with life. Of course, scars are always left behind, and of course I do sympathise with her (because that is how one connects with a character) but I loved how she just on with her life. How she wasn’t fishing for sympathy purposely, and I admired that about her.
Our hero is of the mysterious kind. Yes we all love those don’t we. I particularly like his boldness and his ability to just be incredibly blunt. His method of starting a conversation is too endearing, I mean the guy doesn’t even say hello, just gets to the point. So obviously he’s going to make it in my top 10 favourite male leads in books list. He was a broken character, had his own issues but he was also incredibly fierce and demonstrated strength, which is difficult not to like.
No doubt this book deals with dark matters, so it’s not recommended for squeemish readers. Both Vivienne and Jonah, are pretty much made for each other in the sense that they both want the same thing and have a chance at dealing with it all together. They both indulge in something forbidden but something which helps them escape and find solace in one another but even then they are pretty distant from each other. But you are who you are and I love both of them for it!
I hate spoilers so I try my very best to never too indulge too much information about a book in them. I’ve read some reviews where people are saying they were disappointed with the ending and how Jonah reacted. Personally, I think it was one of the best outcomes for this story, and I really think it worked well. How else are you supposed to act in that situation? No spoilers, but I would love to hear what others think about this ending.
I honestly can’t really tell you anything I thought was bad about this book. It was pretty much perfect in what it was, I just hope the next book can deliver as well as this one did. The author has a lot of high expectations to live up to!

PS. I’m still trying to figure out the cover of this book. What is it exactly?

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