Delusive by Courtney Lane



My Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Genre: Dark, Suspense

 This book has been so wonderful to me. Courtney Lane has now become one of my go to authors. I love stories that break rules and hold so much energy and chemistry. This story gave me something dark, those are the truest kind of stories. Don’t get me wrong, I like my sweet, innocent romances but it’s those dark one’s that really get to me.

So the storyline is rather interesting. Without revealing too much, Hanley has a revenge plan and Elias is the recipient. The story itself keeps up the suspense throughout and keeps you guessing as to what it could possibly be that Hanley grudges against. There are many aspects to Hanley’s character and it honestly took me time in understanding her, but it all added to the suspense of the story. As Hanley’s exacting her plan, Elias and her involvement gets more heated and it becomes difficult to contain something so intense.

Coming to Elias, he’s the kind of alpha male we all love. His demeanor is intimidating and his methods questionable. I found myself being a little wary of him and there were many times I wished Hanley would just run away but there’s more to it than that. I think in the end I liked his trait of being who he was to be honest. He doesn’t change just because a woman comes in to his life (as do so many other main male characters in books). Rather, Hanley, understands and accepts him for who he is because after you meet him, as crazy as it sounds, I think he’s a good guy deep down. Yes, his lifestyle requires him to act in strange ways but I think it works really well for this story. So of course I like him!

Be prepared, the interactions between Elias and Hanley become rather intense. Some scenes had me on edge and I kept wondering what could possibly happen next. I think if you love a good suspense novel, which is dark and intimidating, then you will appreciate this little gem. There’s a lot going on and the chemistry is off the hook. Totally recommend this one. One amazing addition to my dark romance genre.

PS. If you haven’t already I recommend checking out The Sect by Courtney Lane as well.


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