Beautiful Liar by Tara Bond

B634BM sliced strawberry on a champagne coupe glass. Image shot 2008. Exact date unknown.

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My Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary


Sorry, just had to! ^^^

Beautiful Liar turned out be quite an enjoyable little read for me. This is actually Tara Bond’s first book and I’m quite surprised because it’s written so well.

The story is set in London, about a young woman; Nina, who is looking after her alchoholic mother and a younger sister of 14. All responsibility falls to her shoulders and she must do what she has to do in order to look after her family. Alex, comes across as a spoilt, rich, brat who does as he pleases. Complete opposites to each other, but as she sees more into Alex’s world, she begins to question how she must live her life.

I quite admired Nina’s character. To me she came across as a strong young individual, and someone quite different to be honest. I mean you would imagine at 19 everyone thinks about themselves and wouldn’t really take on the responsibility of their family. However, I quite admired Nina’s characteristics and her willpower to help her family by sacrificing the things every youth would do.

Alex was also an interesting character. I think He was exactly what Nina needed, a little recklessness, after being so lost in her responsibilities it was about time she loosened up. I’m glad she found Alex at the time she did or else I think she would just become lost along the way.

I think it’s quite an interesting read, as I was kept intrigued until the end. I really did like the characters and as I said before the writing was pretty great too. However I did have an issue as with any book. The ending didn’t feel the best for me as it was a little rushed to me and I was expecting more out of it. Nevertheless, an enjoyable read overall!

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