Deviant (Blood & Roses #1) by Callie Hart


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My Rating: 3.5-4 stars out of 5

Genre: Dark, Novella

I went into this without expecting anything really, I heard many good things about it and the girls at Shhh… on goodreads decided to have a read of it. Plus it was free on Amazon so definitely cannot go wrong there!

The storyline pretty much revolves around the characters; Sloane and Zeth. It’s written in a dual perspective. There’s a dark element to it, mostly to do with Zeth being an alpha and a back story about Sloane looking for her missing sister. When I started the book I thought it would go a different way, as in the first chapter had me thinking, Sloane, what are you doing?! But then I discovered the actual reason as to why she was doing what she did, and I discovered what it would be about.

The writing was pretty great. Especially Zeth’s perspective had me gripped, I loved it! His thoughts were intriguing and I highlighted quite a bit. The way it’s written has you hooked in to the story and I kept feeling that way right until the last page. There was an element of suspense in the story as well, because Zeth is involved in the wrong kind of lifestyle, and with Sloane’s sister missing it’s hard to figure out where the story will go next.

I had a few issues; I hope their ‘romance’ doesn’t spring off quickly, I mean as much as I love Zeth, Sloane needs to be careful and not jump in to things like she is at the moment. I mean there’s nothing really there emotionally at the moment and they’re already jumping to decisions regarding one another. Too soon for my liking! And his possessiveness and telling her to do this that the other also kind of got on my nerves. I hope it deviates from that path in future books or else, it’ll definitely be a waste of my time.

I did enjoy this little read regardless of the issues, as mentioned before it was mainly related to the great writing and the dark element, both of which I love. I’m waiting until the box set goes live of Amazon for 99p until I continue this series!

deviant book one graphic

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