Reclaiming the Sand (Reclaiming the Sand, #1) by A. Meredith Walters


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My Rating:

Genre: New Adult, Mental Health

Reclaiming the sand is one of those books that have been on my to reads list since forever but I’ve only just managed to read it now. I loved the whole concept of it, about two people who are very different yet very similar, coming together and discovering something great. It’s quite a different addition to the new adult genre and it’s difficult not to love it.

For me, this story held quite a lot of importance due to it shedding light on mental awareness. I’m so glad the author chose to focus on this concept and show people that having Asperger’s doesn’t mean you should be treated differently and it doesn’t mean you can’t function in normal society. It’s just part of a person, such as having black hair, or blue eyes. It in no way defines you. And I absolutely loved Flynn’s character. My heart honestly broke for him over and over but he’s probably one of my favourite male leads in a book. His point of views allow you to have an insight in to his beautiful and brilliant mind and there will be some tears!

It’s really difficult to even like the main female character Ellie, in this story but I was able to get over that because we aren’t really supposed to love Ellie. She should be perceived for the ‘bitch’ that she is. It’s about that cruel person’s journey of trying to become something better and about her finding peace within one of her victims. Really, she didn’t deserve Flynn in any way. But we know that from the start and she isn’t really supposed to deserve him, but it just shows how life can turn out to be really strange sometimes.

I loved this whole concept. About how your friends truly do define you. Ellie was strong and was able to actually see that in the end, even though she wasted many years in the wrong crowd, she eventually did something about it. I also liked how she tried to be better. Tried to make up for her wrongdoings regardless of the person she has always been. I think it’s one of the things that pulled this whole story together for me.

Overall, an enjoyable, eye opening read for me. It was kind of sad in places but it just makes you open up to the horrible truth of life, where people are always getting bullied for being different. It broke my heart so much but it’s the sad reality unfortunately. A recommended read.

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