King (King #1) by T.M. Frazier


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My Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Genre: Romance, Suspense

Omg the way this bloody ended! I have no words.

When is the next one due? Cos Nawal doesn’t like waiting.

The storyline is a pretty good one in my opinion. Doe seems to have lost her memory and is struggling on the streets, survival is her key issue. She meets a hooker, who takes her to a party with lots of bad men around. Her goal is to seduce one of the bikers so he can provide her some protection and food but she meets King instead.

I wouldn’t have liked this book the way I did if it hadn’t been for Doe and Preppy. I really loved their character portrayals. Doe was this bright, snarky, loud mouthed individual and it was quite entertaining to read the book in her perspective. Preppy also had a loud mouth, but a heart of gold and I loved each and every one of his scenes.

One downfall for me however was that their love was a little too rushed. I feel there should have been a longer period of time for them to progress and care about each other the way they did. It happened too soon for me. I also think that King’s point of view wasn’t exactly the best. I would have happily read this story in Doe’s point of view, as King’s mainly consisted of repeated scenarios, especially at the beginning. I mean it just wasn’t perfect for me you know?

I think the ending was also an important aspect of the story which made my rating increase slightly. It’s one of those which instantly has you obsessing over what would happen next. It’s the build up of the suspense you know? When things aren’t going exactly as planned. I am looking forward to reading book 2. I have many hopes for more drama, because I love me some drama.

Overall, if you like bad hero’s and heroines with issues then I think this one is for you. I did have some problems with understanding their romance, I’m slightly picky with those, but other than that I enjoyed the story and the characters too.

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