Bad Reputation (Bad Reputation #1) by K.B. Nelson


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My Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Genre: Romantic Suspense

“I’m nobody when I’m not actively engaged in the art of manipulation and deceit. I’m hollow without it. And I don’t deserve to die young.”

Bad reputation was a story about a woman scorned. Someone who refuses to let anyone in by keeping her bad reputation intact. She was hurt a while back, and doesn’t feel it’s worth letting someone in if it keeps out the pain. So she goes along her way, making victims out of other men and breaking their heart before  the same can happen to her. But for how long can her tactic work? It’s definitely not a solid one!

I really liked the style in which this book was written. It really does show Apple’s anger and vengeance well. It is what made this story worthwhile for me as I couldn’t help but hate Apple and at the same time be drawn to her mental framework. I saw her unhealthy relationship with Brick right away, nothing good can come out of it. But I thought may be they can make it work somehow and find the acceptance they secretly seek in one another.

I felt awful for Jensen to become one of Apple’s pawns. Of course he was too good for her, but we can’t help who we are drawn to! I was constantly thinking ‘I hope he knocks some sense in to her finally.’

A few issues I had whilst reading:

There was a certain quote relating to people who go church as holding pitchforks. I felt it was slightly disrespectful, as just because someone is a believer, doesn’t mean they are apart from society. I think it was slightly unnecessary and I could definitely have done without that showcasing.

Another issue was that Apple was pining over a guy who hurt her in high school. You build a bridge and you get over that shit. that shouldn’t in any way be a cause for someone to go out of their way and try to manipulate men to fall in love with them just so they can break their hearts? Is it insecurity? She definitely needed some help.

Overall, a good storyline which keeps you intrigued. If you like revenge stories with fucked up heroine then yeah I guess this is one to add to your lists. I am thinking about this next book with Brick…it has me quite intrigued.

“Falling in love is a dangerous game, an escalating spiral of chance formed over the course of parting glances and broken pasts.Some might say it’s impossible to love someone you hardly know. I think about who I used to be, back in the days when I was protected under guiding wings of innocence, I was a dreamer. I look into Jensen’s eyes and I dream.”

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