My Time In The Affair by Stylo Fantome


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My Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Genre: Contemporary Romance

The topic this book revolves around is a difficult one to understand and I imagine for the author to even write about it must have been hard. The idea of cheating, of having an affair is something we all claim to hate. I do too. I hate the idea of any person cheating on someone they’re in a committed relationship with. You’re not happy? Work it out. You can’t work it out? Leave. But it still happens, and this is just a story of one woman embarking on that particular journey.

I never really thought I could completely sympathise with a woman and her story of cheating on her husband. I knew this would be something, believe me I was prepared for the risk before starting this book. I mainly picked it up for the author. She has written a few favourite’s of mine and I couldn’t not read this. But never did I imagine loving it as much as I did. I didn’t think I would hurt for Mischa (our main female character). Of course her choices were wrong, but she was a good person I think regardless. She was just human, and living a mediocre life thus far, she wanted some change, some distance.

Then she meets Tal (I still have no idea how to pronounce his name). Things don’t go the way she plans and soon they’re all caught in this whirlwind and you can only imagine the drama and pain involved. But I reckon they were really good for each other. Their bond was so palpable and I am speechless as to how amazing their chemistry was.

Really, I don’t know how Stylo Fantome did it. But she wrote about a subject we all loathe but somehow made me end up understanding and sympathising with the subject matter. It was her writing style. The way she grips you in to the emotions her characters experience and it all feels right. It’s also in the way she showed Mischa as a humble woman. She regretted, she hated herself for it, and I’m sort of glad she did because at least I don’t see her as this bad woman.

Final words; I cannot recommend this enough. I enjoyed this story so much.

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