Dying to survive by Scott Hildreth

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My Rating: 2.5 – 3 stars this was difficult to rate as storyline was pretty great, but there were other issues on how that story was put together

Genre: Suspense, Thriller

Okay first of all there are MANY additions to this book, with different titles and covers. It has been banned and reproduced many times. I chose to use a different cover for this review because the original one for this version is slightly disturbing.

This story line was actually pretty great. It seemed perfect for a dark lover like myself. There’s a fucked up hostage situation with four women. There’s also a psychological trauma aspect related to it too about trying to survive this horrendous captivity. And then there’s the fucked up childhood that both the main characters experience. You’ll be introduced to that whole scenario so I won’t go in to detail about it.

The first half was brilliant. I was kept intrigued, second guessing what would happen next but then it sort of ended a little too quickly for my liking. I think if the reader was kept in suspense for a little bit longer then it would have added to the readers experience. I also couldn’t understand some decisions Meghan made after being asked by Ryan to carry out a task. I didn’t really understand it thus another reason why the second half kind of went downhill.

There was also a lack of BDSM when I believed there would be tons of it. It’s not a bad thing for it not to be included however I feel because I was expecting it and I didn’t get it, I was left slightly disappointed.

This book isn’t really supposed to be about character emotions, connection etc. It’s a story about some incredibly fucked up scenarios, and different incidences that take place. I really liked the overall message about providing a sustainable growth environment for every child because their childhood effects the choices they make as adults. I agree, nurture definitely plays a role so one cannot really blame a person for their decisions if they’re simply a product of their environment. It definitely reminded me of the ‘Psychopaths in suit’ concept. They definitely make great businessmen.

Overall, I think this storyline is one which will keep your interest. It makes different questions arise in your head about people and their childhood and their life decisions. There are certainly areas for improvement, which would have made this read even better for me. But I look forward to reading more of Scott Hildreths works.

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