Insatiable by JD Hawkins


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My Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Genre: Contemporary, Humour

So I heard a lot about this before I started it, like incredibly good things by almost everyone that read it on goodreads. I obviously had to give it a go!

Going in, being introduced to Jax was something. I mean a whole book which mostly relies on the main male characters perspective? Yes please! It’s a change to most books I read which heavily rely on the female characters point of view. My male brain is so simple though. It’s drama free (usually), easy going and there’s lots of interesting things going on in there. Boy I loved it.

It should be no surprise that Jax is the typical playboy, but man was he still charming. I loved his wittiness, his charm and how he was really smart. I sound like I’m in love. I might be, don’t judge me I don’t care if he isn’t real! So yes, we’re introduced to his tactics and ways of making the ladies swoon until one day a particular lady wants him to teach her how to swoon so well in order to get male attention and keep it. Jax, obviously the ever helpful couldn’t reject that proposal so he goes on his way to help poor Lizzie who is such a wonderful student of his. And the story spirals from there; and that’s the background to this book.

I think this book was executed really well, it was very fun to read. There’s nothing too heavy in terms of emotion but the writing keeps you hooked on and it was definitely worth my time. I don’t mind reading easy going storylines as long as the author does it justice and well this one did. The way the reader is just taken on this experience within the characters mind really made me live Jax and Lizzie’s story. I would usually have something to say about how ‘OMG but they were only doing it for a week, how deep could it be.’ But you know what I don’t care with this book. Because I’m happy knowing Jax has a chance, and it’s the whole purpose of this book so I think the fact that they were only at it for a week, works for this story.

There’s a whole bunch of drama ahead and I AM READY. You like fun reads? Sexy reads? Playboys? Go ahead pick it up, if you’re anything like me then you certainly won’t be disappointed.

PS I have a feeling JD Hawkins is a really cool person. I was reading the end thanks and there’s this whole list of people before it says ‘If I forgot anyone, then go fuck your-self.’ I REALLY LIKE THIS AUTHOR.

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