Insatiable (Insatiable #2) by JD Hawkins


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My Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Novella, Humour

This is just one of those books which are full on entertaining throughout. Our boy Jax is out to prove to Lizzie how he’s worthy of being given a chance. But then there’s this other guy in the picture….

Jax is obviously the kind of character who keeps your interest through out the book. He’s one of those we love to read about; the playboy chasing after a woman. Yup. It’s hard not to see his charm. And then we have Lizzie, who has her hands on this amazing good guy; James and she’s willing to be exactly what he needs.

This was an easy going read, quite different to my usual. I need one of these reads from time to time. Situations which make you laugh and characters who display witt, equals an entertaining read. Especially Jax’s attempt at helping out Lizzie. I don’t imagine anyone to be as slow to catch on as Lizzie in real life but honestly, it worked fine in this book.

I must admit, I felt this book should have been made longer. I would have loved to see more drama go down with Jax. I think that’s one thing which could have made this read better, certain events just felt a little too rushed and that’s mainly due to the length of this book. The ending could have been longer, as the major events that took place.

There’s honestly not much else to say regarding the book. It delivers, it’s entertaining and I will definitely go back to read more from this author.

insatiable 2 collage

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