Made (Sempre 0.4) by J.M. Darhower


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My Rating: 5+ stars out of 5

Genre: Suspense, Romance

made graphic 1

This is just one of those books part of a series where every book exceeds all expectations.


If it’s possible to fall in love with a story, then this is it right here.

I am in love!

Corrado was a character in Sempre which always made you wonder, and think about how someone can become the person that he was. He took ruthless and intense to a whole new level and still somehow managed to have a family. How? Well this story takes the reader on that journey, tells the tale of how Corrado became who he is. It’s like a biography of sorts, step by step journey of how Corrado became ‘made’.

This isn’t exactly a love story. I mean it definitely has a love aspect, Corrado loves his wife in the realest way a man can love, but it’s more about the type of life he leads. Being introduced to the crime world at such a young and delicate age, lacking love and care while growing up, well one is bound to turn out a little fucked up. The life is the only thing he has known. No he doesn’t pity himself or hates the Mafia life, he rather exceeds in his tasks, does every job exceedingly and he basically plays the perfect role. At the same time he has Celia by his side to think about, and it works for him.

Thanks to the author for writing a book on another character and making it work just as well as the first 2 books in the series. I feel it’s difficult to create a story for another character part of a series and actually have it be as good as the story of the previous characters. Because we’re all usually so lost in the lives of the initial characters that it’s hard to like the second story as much. But I did, I may even like it better!

It’s really hard to recover from a book as good as this and just venture out in to the book world again, expecting to read anything half as good as this. But I’m just glad I finally read this beauty. I love this author, I love this series, I love this story and I LOVE Corrado.

Ps I got really inspired and have a few images with this…

sempre 4

made sempre 3

made collage 2

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