Filthy 6 (Filthy #6) by Megan D. Martin

filthy 6

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My Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Genre: Dark

“I had been a twenty-year-old girl in love with a man she couldn’t have.”

The finale to this amazing series!

It’s always a little heartbreaking reading the final part of a series you love. This journey of Faye has been very interesting and one I loved reading about.

Even though a lot of it was about her pain and grief and the awful things she endured. It still made a great story.

Ok so I got a lot with this final book on Faye and Rhett’s ‘relationship.’ I say that in brackets because what they have is so damn complicated. Sometimes people just go through too much to be together, like there’s just a whole lot of pain associated with the other person and that’s something Faye and Rhett have, so it was difficult to see them ending up together. Rhett has a lot of guilt over the past, and Faye assumes he’s never going to get over seeing her and always feeling sorry for the things she went through. So for them to even get past all that is incredibly complicated. So this book just focuses on their development.

I got my closure. This whole book just builds up to it. I’m not gonna go in to detail about it all because I feel I would be revealing too much but everything sort of comes together well. The only downside regarding this closure, was that the ending was just sort of like, WHAM the end. A little too short and I needed a little more about how they started this new journey. I’ve followed them throughout 6 books so I kind of needed that little extra.

Overall, I highly recommend this entire series to everyone. It’s one of my favourite (thanks to Mercedes). It’s a little intense, painful, but it’s so amazing at the same time. Like it keeps your interest and it’s hard to put down! I remember I read the first 5 books in one night because I got so lost in the story. So yes, do read if you haven’t already!

And I really want to thank the author for writing this unique story. You have no idea how sick I was with all these stepbrother stories which had no real basis of an actual character connection. So thank you for giving me one!

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