The Blood & Roses Series Box Set (Blood & Roses, #1-6) by Callie Hart


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My Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Genre: Romance, suspense, erotica

I literally have no idea how to start talking about this series.
I got the boxset at a total bargain when it was on sale but I’ve only just finished the series and wow this journey was amazing!
I loved the characters, the concept, the storyline… It was just a bunch of things put together which I really like; Alpha male, action, strong heroine, lovable side characters and a good story basis.

Honestly, if you’re anything like me with your reading tastes you will really love this and I have nothing bad to say about this whole thing. No idea of improvements. I just thought it was perfect (for me)!

I have already reviewed book one separately so I’m not going to go in too deeply with that but that was a nice introduction to the main characters of this series. We got the background on both Zeth and Sloane. But there was this whole other side of drama which starts up in book 2. There’s Charlie and Julio and Rebel…. and so much is going on all the time! I think that is what I loved more than anything; how it was more than just romance but good entertainment as well.

It was definitely the emotional connection between each character. How Lacey and Zeth showed loyalty to each other, and even Michael and Zeth. There’s just something about reading people share unbreakable bonds, and in the way these bonds are depicted in the book that can ultimately make a book become unforgettable. As was the case for me.

I don’t wanna talk about the storyline of each book individually because I think you just read it all for yourself, not read the story in a review! I can just praise about how good the story played out for me. I’m glad that it isn’t over yet and there’s still another series on these two… honestly can it get more perfect? I always have trouble saying goodbye to characters I connect with so well but I guess now I won’t have to.

I really do recommend this one! Thoroughly enjoyed. I believe it’s better if I don’t go in to too much detail as there’s so much to say but I’ll be here all day. And no one wants to read a review so bloody long so all I can say is that if you like a little darkness and action then this will prove to be a great read for you. Thanks to all the ‘Shh’ girls for hyping about this and making me give Zeth a go for myself.

blood and roses graphic

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