Love The Way You Lie (Stripped, #1) by Skye Warren

love the way you lie

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My Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Genre: Dark, Romance, Suspense

This story was full of mystery and emotion from beginning to end. I was sucked in when I started because there was this heartbreaking aura surrounding the main character, Honour. There’s a lot of emotion coming from her, being stripped of the life she knew, which could be considered as a good one, but she would rather be stripping for strangers. It provides her with protection whilst at the same time ripping her soul and leaving her lonely. It was honestly heartbreaking witnessing her situation. It’s easy for people to judge someone who strips for a living or does something normal people don’t, but so what, they’re still people, you can’t judge someone without knowing there situation but that’s a debate for a different platform.

I wanted to hate Kip initially because I kept thinking the worst about him. Who was he? Was he here to destroy Honour further? And honestly, I haven’t read the prologue for it so may be I was missing more of the story? Because there was a lot of me thinking ‘what happened to her? Why did she run away? What does Kip want? Of course I was given the answers in the end but whilst reading I love the guessing game.

I really liked him for Honour though. He was exactly what she needed, someone to show her little acts of kindness after being used and abused on a daily. I was however always counting on him to hurt her, but I won’t reveal as to whether that actually happens or not, that’s all in reading the story!

I would love to know more about Honour’s past in the Mafioso family though. And her story with her ex seems rather interesting and dark. I think this was a good start for me in to this series. I’m looking forward to reading the next part which I already have! Honour’s journey was one which I enjoyed reading about.

love the way you lie graphic

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