Fourth Debt (Indebted #5) by Pepper Winters

fourth debt

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My Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Genre: Dark, Suspense

I have been following this series right from the beginning, I have loved it since the beginning. Yes, the waiting has been hard but it’s just ‘one of those series’ you know.

So in this one we see the fourth debt taking place. I got so mad in places because it was difficult to believe how people would act so backwards living in the 21st century. But I guess that is what money and power does to people. It was really emotional seeing those things happen to Nila and honestly I’m not a violent person but I wished Cut, Bonnie and Daniel to get back what they gave x10. They definitely deserved it.

As you can tell this one was quite emotional so be prepared! I think Nila finally grew claws. LONG time coming! I’ve always thought her as weak since she has been sheltered all her life and hardly had many experiences therefore the toll this whole ‘debt’ business took on her, had it’s impact. But I wouldn’t have thought she’d stand up for herself like she does in this part. I loved it, it was definitely time she stood up for herself.

I’m really glad we got to see Vaughn’s character in action more. We have met him before but never so directly. Therefore we get to know the kind of man he is. I adore his love for Nila; someone award him for being the best brother of the year! There are also other ‘side’ characters which play more of a role in this part, as the scenes between Nila and Jethro were not as much as previous parts, therefore giving other characters their time to shine! Such as Jasmine. Gosh, she can be really annoying at times! But her love for her brothers run deep and I think that characteristic rubs out the annoying part of her.

The only thing I would say didn’t work for me were the really ‘cheesy’ lines. Like I get you’re in love and all and in the middle of recreating Romeo and Juliet part 2, but please Jethro + cheesy doesn’t go together. It was just a little too much in too many places when there could have been a focus on other more important things. I also think the prolonging of the scenes wasn’t necessary either, some scenes were just WAY too long.

Regardless, I really did enjoy reading this. I am scared as well as looking forward to the final part! I would be incredible to see how the whole thing would pan out, especially after that ending. But I am prepared for anything to happen. I hope I don’t have to wait too long!

Fourth debt graphic!

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