The Paper Swan by Leylah Attar


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My Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Read this book as a buddy read and I knew it would be good from the start, but I didn’t expect to get so attached to it. It was truly a good read; I love it when I can say that about a book.

Paper Swan, is probably not something you’re expecting. It is very heart-breaking in places, it makes you want to cry many times, other times it makes you think with its wonderfully phrased quotes. Here’s an example.

“Then again, since when did these things make sense? Random or meticulously planned? Murder, rape, torture, abuse. Are we ever able to truly understand the ‘why’ or do we simply yearn for labels and boxes to organise the chaos we can’t control?”
While I’m at it, here’s another one:
“I had been expecting it. Sooner or later, one way or another, it always came down to their dick. Suck it, lick it, stroke it, fuck it.
Because my mother didn’t love me.
Because my father hit me.
Because my teacher fondled me…………………….
Life’s not always fair. So suck it, lick it, stroke it, fuck it.”

Makes you wonder whether it is what it is or actions can actually be blamed on bad events taking place in an individual’s life.

In case you didn’t already know, yes this book is about a kidnapping. Skye is a straight up rich kid, spending money, and not having a care for the world. Her life is very unattached to emotions and real things. She’s made herself a little world all about worldly items. And then she gets kidnapped… By Damian.

Some incidences in this book, about how not every person gets the most fortunate upbringing, make you wonder about how things could have been so much better for them IF ONLY. If only people weren’t selfish, if only people valued humanity. Damian’s story truly broke my heart. Which brings me back to what I said before; can bad incidences happening to people be blamed for what they become? Or do we choose our own path?

Yeah, this book makes you wonder about all of those things. Apart from that, I also like the relationship Damian and Skye shared. It’s not what you would call ‘healthy’ but it’s real and it’s the reason I adored it. You know those people who are just so wrong for each other, but so right at the same time? Their time on the boat, and eventually other incidences which I cannot name… They were all spun so beautifully. It made me want to cry and swoon at the same damn time.

I’m definitely going to be reading more from this author. If her other stories are as beautiful as this one then I’m all in! The storyline, characters, the writing and especially the layout of the story; all made for an exceptional readers experience. I recommend.

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