Unblocked – Episode Five (Timber Towers #5) by Marni Mann – Release Day Special

Episode Five Cover

Derek Block needs to protect those he cares about.

Frankie Jordan fears the loss of those she loves.

Darkness drives them.

But could it drive them apart?

This is Episode Five, the final Episode in the Timber Towers Series.

I am sad to see this journey end. Derek and Frankie have been wonderful reading buddies of mine, even if they’re just fictional. I’ve followed these two along each episode and well, they’ve sort of become a little special to me, especially Derek.

This episode gives us a lot of closure. With all the events that took place in the previous series; Derek and his background, his mission, Frankie… Everything comes to a great conclusion. The reader is finally given insight in to what Derek went through to have him seek revenge. And then him and Frankie obviously had some issues to work through after how the last episode ended!

This is of course a book to also add to your ‘steamy’ pile. Damn, I know I sound a little Derek obsessed but he is amazing in every scene. I loved his character, his portrayal, he’s just one of those people who are hard not to like. And his beard definitely helps the situation. He’s not been of those ‘broken’ hero’s, but he just had things (missions you can say) he had to do in his life.

We also get to witness Frankie at a somewhat breaking point. Not that that’s a good thing for her, it’s just how we’ve always seen her as this strong willed woman, of course she finally had to break. We see some heartfelt emotions from her end but I think it was important at this stage for her to experience some sort of ‘breakage’ after never letting anything get her emotionally charged.

Overall, a fantastic series which I have enjoyed reading. I am happy to have discovered Marni Mann through this series as well. Of course I am left with an obsession of beards and flannels… thank you for giving us Derek!

DeannaPinkLady Episode Five Release Graphic

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