Best Laid Plans by Stylo Fantome

best laid plans

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Release Date: September 7th 2015

My Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Genre: Action, Romantic Suspense

Once again Stylo Fantome has amazed me with her talent in delivering such a fabulous book. This was exactly my type. I enjoyed every page of it!

The storyline is about Lilly, a transporter within the Russian mob, who is determined to smuggle some stolen diamonds to Russia by travelling through the darkest parts of Africa. Meanwhile, our other MC; Marc the mercenary, is the one stealing said diamonds, and he wants to go on a vacation soon after the mission is done. But things never go according to plan, no matter how well thought out they were….

There’s a lot of moving from place to place in this book. It keeps you on edge and there’s never a boring moment whatsoever. The different cities we get to travel in Lilly and Marcs journey keeps the action always running! And trust me, there’s always something going on, always something in the side lines waiting to ruin their plans yet again.

I loved the characters in this story. Lilly who is an ambitious, determined individual. A woman who does not get dominated by a man populated business. She always comes across as strong and smart and never backs down from the toughest situations. It’s honestly hard not to like her strength. Marc is a man with his own rules, his own way of living. He’s all intense and alpha male which makes it difficult not to love him!
Their chemistry is off the charts. It’s more about the constant banter and ‘I cannot stand you attitude’ than the steamy scenes. Although the steamy scenes are very well done as well. But it’s really entertaining watching the two argue over everything. They’re both one of those people who don’t really take orders from another individual so this journey was definitely a difficult one for both. But something which I really enjoyed being a part of.

I honestly truly loved this story and how it was all laid out. It made for a really enjoyable read and I would recommend this book to every action / romance lover out there. This is one to look out for!

best laid plans graphics

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