Begging for It (Asking for It, #2) by Lilah Pace


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My Rating: 3.5 – 4 stars

Genre: Dark, Romance, Erotica

This series was quite a unique read and it was one of the reasons I was drawn from book one. I liked the whole forbidden concept, which was put together in a more reality based version. There probably are people in similar situations out there and I liked getting a glimpse of the issues they probably tackle. It wasn’t glamorised, it really touched real life and that really did make me enjoy reading this story.

Our hero interest, Jonah, will always be one of my number ones. He’s a professor (I don’t even know what of properly but he studies volcanoes and earth quakes etc) and has probably the most boring profession ever but gosh is he still attractive. He’s the kind of character readers can easily love and swoon over. You know intense while remaining as one of the good guys. Of course I loved him from the beginning and loved getting reacquainted with him again.

The heroine initially came out as strong willed and she really stood out from other book heroines. Like it’s a rarity to witness women who aren’t caught up in childish man drama. I loved seeing that in Vivienne. She was still a smart young woman in this one but I feel she became too wrapped up in the ‘man’ part. I liked reading about her progession of her darkest desires and how she dealt with those because they are bound to cause her problems but thankfully she has Jonah as a partner to overcome those.

There’s a lot of issues surrounding her said dark fantasies. Especially when both parties have them. Could they get carried away and could it get dangerous for them? Of course there’s all these questions forming in the readers mind. I for one was scared for them like the way everything was happening I kept looking out for something to blow over for them. A very interesting concept.

However, certain things in this story I felt wasn’t exactly the best. How the first book deviated from any of the normal couple drama and stood out because of it, this book I feel was more in tune with other romance novels. Like I didn’t want to read about how they were doubting each other etc, I wanted to know more about their character growth. Because that is initially what I loved about this series. Vivienne also seemed a little different from book one. Like she didn’t seem her careless self but she seemed more revolved around Jonah which was a turn from the independent woman we witnessed.

Regardless this proved to be enjoyable for me if not the best. The writing also helped. I definitely look forward to reading more works from this author. And here I share a few favourite quotes from this book:

“We tell ourselves only weak people are victims. That the bad guys wear black and broadcast their evil intentions with every word and gesture, so nobody can fall prey to them except innocents and fools. We tell ourselves that because it gives us the comforting illusion of control.”

“We don’t get better; we don’t fix everything that’s broken. We just learn how to work around the broken bits. How to do the best we can with what we have, and who we are.”

“Even the best of us isn’t purely good. And even the worst of us isn’t purely evil.”

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