Hollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre


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My Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Read this as part of a huge buddy read last week which and Hollywood Dirt turned out to be quite different than other Alessandra books. If you’re familiar with her works you know there’s a lot of ‘intensity’ involved in the stories. This book’s concept is a little different but I’m totally digging it! What a lovely romance this was!

For me, as I’m sure it is for a lot of you who have already read this, Cole Masten was the highlight of everything. I certainly loved that guy because who wouldn’t?! A famous actor who every female had the hots for…. He’s everyone’s type. His character is easy to fall for and obviously his ability to piss of Summer was one of his best traits.

This book of course has a ‘Hollywood’ theme. Cole and his crew are shooting for a movie at the nobody little town named Quincy. It’s the typical Southern town (I wouldn’t know but that’s what they say) and it’s no place for a Hollywood superstar. But of course sacrifices are to be made for the movie who is supposed to be the highlight of Cole’s career.

I liked the easy going nature of this book. Like I enjoyed it for its ‘fun’ factor. There’s this lust / hate thing going on between Cole and Summer and it’s amusing to witness . These two made my entire week with their going back and forth with comebacks! It was definitely a high point for this story. They want to get on each other’s nerves the best they can, just to get a rise out of the other; evil!

Summer is a very feisty woman. She’s not afraid of speaking her mind or give her opinion even if it contradicts everyone else’s; mainly because I think she has nothing to lose. She can be a bitch not gonna lie, but I loved her for it because it made the book so much more fun! She likes to give Cole shit for a lot of things never mind that he’s a Hollywood superstar! I seriously pitied Cole for having to put up with her! But she’s different as in she’s lonely in that town but doesn’t give a shit and is happy doing nothing but cook and read all day. Gotta love her!

Definitely recommend for everyone a fan of the contemporary romance genre. This story is one you will love being a part of. It’s easy to fall for these characters and get immersed in their story. Summer and Cole will rock your world.

liam hemsworth

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