Nocte (The Nocte Trilogy #1) by Courtney Cole


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My Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Genre: Dark, New Adult, Romance, Suspense, Mental Health

Noun; ablative singular of nox (night)
Adverb; by night

nocte graphic

This is honestly one of those stories which a reader has to experience for themselves to fully grasp and understand it. I mean, I can’t really talk much about any of it because I feel it would ruin the reader experience but I can say that it is one amazing journey. You just have to not be afraid of the things that can happen in reality. But once you open your mind this is a book you will definitely love.

This book touches on a lot of important mental health subjects which I can’t be grateful to the author enough for educating her readers more on tough subjects they may have no knowledge about. It’s such a great way for a reader to get a glimpse in to the lives of those suffering through some mental illness. I could not thank any author enough for that.

There is amazing sibling love in this. If you have a brother or sister you’re really close to and would do anything for, trust me you’ll love this even more. I am in love with Calla and Finn’s characters. Such beautifully amazing individuals. So powerful in their love for one another. It’s a great thing to witness!

What do I say about Dare Dubray? Expect that he’s a miracle in the 21st century. Seriously, do men like that exist? If so, send some my way! You don’t know love until you’ve been through thick and thin together, until you comfort another soul in their darkest hours and not get scared. I loved how he was presented as such a person. There is a whole lot of suspense around him though, so I’m still a little unsure about that guy. What I don’t doubt about him though is his feelings for Calla!

Overall, this is a moving and incredibly powerful story. I recommend it to everyone who wants to read something and get the chills and feels. This book will blow your mind away, mark my words! And be prepared to cry at its beauty, this book turned me in to a bawler. A wonderfully written and heart touching story!

My favourite quote from this book: “When it’s time, it’s time. We don’t get to decide. God does.”

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