Kulti by Mariana Zapata


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My Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Humour

My first read from this author and what a wonderful book it turned out to be at that! I enjoyed every page of it. Kulti has definitely turned out to be a read I will cherish!

As is the case with every new author and book that calls out to you but seems a little different from the start, I didn’t know what to expect. I heard many good things so I knew I had to give it a go. I just didn’t expect to finish the book on such a brilliant note.

The main thing that did it for me was the originality of the plot. It’s focus is on football which was deviating a little different from my usual style of books. I don’t know much about football, nor have I cared much for it unless it’s been the world cup, but I liked that theme in this book. Like I mentioned it was different, and I love different.

Sal, our main character, is in a woman’s football (Soccer if you’re american) team. As soon as she learns that the famous Kulti, her childhood aspiration, will be joining her team as a coach, things seem to change drastically for her. She used to fancy this man as a child, she had his posters on her wall, he’s the reason she is what she is today….and he’s about to become her coach. This man was certainly something else.

Sal’s character seemed to brighten the whole book up. She was one of those who weren’t afraid to speak their mind. She said whatever she wanted as long as it was the truth and it got her in trouble more than a few times. But it was rather entertaining for the reader. The trouble she got up to because she couldn’t learn to shut her mouth. Gosh it was hilarious. And her thought process had me laughing out loud to myself. This woman was something else. The amount of times she had to think of poop while in the presence of Kulti. Damn. I think those of you who enjoy humour in their books will definitely appreciate this gem.

Kulti’s character is one that stood out to me as well. Yes he’s the brooding type, but he’s one of those who hardly speak because they don’t really care about the other person. At first I was like who is this man which hardly utters a word. And then when I got to the beginning I found him cute, even though he was still sort of a pain. But really, there’s a mystery surrounding him from beginning to end and it’s interesting for the reader to get to know the different parts of him throughout the book by his association with Sal. I can guarantee you’ll love him though!

Bottom line is, if you haven’t already then you must read this book. It’s such a fun little read!

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