The Ground Rules (The Rule Breakers #1) by Roya Carmen


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My Rating: No Rating (clarification below)

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Erotica

I have no idea on how to go about rating this.

If it wasn’t for my personal opinions and my mind just constantly jumping in and criticising the heroine at every scene, I think I would have ended up giving it a four star. However, since that didn’t happen and I had a lot of inner dialogue going on, I have refrained from giving this a rating. Not because this is a bad book or anything. I highly believe many people would probably love this as you can tell from all the other fabulous reviews on this story. I don’t mean to disrespect the author’s work either since like I said, I would probably give it a four if I did rate it. But I just feel it’s better if I don’t rate it.

When I initially read the storyline I was all up for it. But it wasn’t long before I realised I was expecting this to go a certain way, nevertheless I continued reading until I finished it. It’s not that I didn’t know what I was getting myself in to, of course I was aware of the blurb so my disagreement isn’t with that. But I’ll try to get across what rubbed me the wrong way.

Firstly, Mirella is a happily married woman. Emphasis on happily. There is absolutely nothing wrong in her marriage, her and her husband are completely content and problem free in their marriage. And they have two beautiful kids. They’ve been together for almost 20 years. So how in the world could she suddenly jeopardise her family for another man? I would understand if she was in fact in a loveless marriage or had a decent reason but she really doesn’t.

And her inner thought process was very contradicting of her actions. One minute she would say I’m going to stop this from going on, because she knows going down this path could evidently destroy the current life she has. But she acts irresponsibly and goes ahead anyway. KNOWING what it could do. Who would do such a thing? No mother or wife would. Being that happy. So again, I didn’t really understand her development with Weston.

How could she continue to want something like this? May be if there was more explanation instead of her annoying inner dialogue, I would have been okay with it. But really, I had no sympathy or connection with her. Hence another reason why this book didn’t work for me.

Overall, I don’t intend to make you stray from reading this book because of my thoughts. Go ahead give it a try. Many people do in fact love it. However, I have to be fair to myself and state my honest opinions. This book making me so opinionated has nothing to do with it being bad or whatever. It’s just personal. But hey, give it a go!

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