Spotlight On: Billy and the Devil by Dean Lilleyman + Karma & Diamonds by Smita Joshi

Are you a reviewer/ blogger? Or just looking for your next read? Today’s post will be a little different to my usual. I’m going to recommend two books, from two different genres, which you might be interested in reading.


billy and the devil

Billy and the Devil is a shocking, compelling and intimate portrayal of isolation, sexual misadventure, and addiction. Told in a series of brilliantly rendered observations and episodes from Billy’s life, this controversial story charts an all-too real descent into alcoholism. It is an unflinchingly vivid journey to a place of no return, where love is lost in the darkest of woods – a boy, who becomes a man, who becomes his own worst devil. But ultimately, what choice does Billy have? Raw, poetic, with moments of pure imaginative visceral genius, Billy and the Devil is by turns funny and sad, brutal and tender, horrific and uplifting. You will be both challenged and moved by this astonishing debut novel from author Dean Lilleyman. 

Wanna read it yet?

To find out more visit:


karma and diamonds cover

The sages of India, for thousands of years, have talked about the existence of Atman, the inner Self. In the Karma & Diamonds trilogy, Smita is exceptional in showing, through her life’s battles, how the inner Self can guide and enrich your daily life. In Book 1, ‘Moon Child’, while facing possible death, a young Smita has a mystical experience and discovers her inner Self. Aged ten, she comes to the UK. As an adolescent, she is confronted with the challenge of balancing traditional Indian culture and modern-day London. Amidst rejection, heartbreak and loneliness, this young woman battles against all odds to find her place in the world.

It’s “Eat Pray Love” meets “Da Vinci Code”.

Looking for something enlightening? Then this is the perfect choice for you!

For more information visit:

If you’re a reviewer and would be interested in reviewing any of these, let me know.

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