Out of Plans (The Mercenaries, #2) by Stylo Fantome

out of plans

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My Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Genre: Romantic Suspense

The first book from The Mercenaries series was amazing I didn’t know that it was possible for this series to get even better but it did. I’m experience major Marc and Kingsley withdrawals, I need another fix. A further book in the series would be greatly appreciated.

This is a face paced, action packed book from beginning to end. There’s tons of romance as well as chemistry which is always a bonus. Plus add some very interesting and lovable characters, and you get perfection. It truly is impossible not to like this so much.

I think one of the biggest plus points about this was the character portrayal. The author did such a fantastic job in making Lilly on the list of my favourite book people. Yes I do have a list! We see Lilly as a confused individual in the first book, she doesn’t have much practice in this mercenary life but there is determination and a fire within her to pull of everything she sets out to do. In this book, she’s developed into this strong willed woman who is so focused, there is no reason for her not to succeed. She isn’t afraid and she’s ready to fight!

Marc and Kingsley were both characters who played a major role in this story. Whereas Marc is the love interest we cannot seem to forget, Kingsley steps in as a friend, partner who is loyal and true to an amazing extent. I could not get enough of his banter, his charm and honestly I would love for a book to be set around him. I need him to have his own story because he definitely deserves it.

We are also introduced to this new character; Damiano Ledo. A villain of sorts but also a very good friend, and a good person I believe deep down. I wish we got more of him, but it may not have worked since the story isn’t related to him. Still, I would love to meet him more in may be another book! He is definitely a strong character and I’m sure I’m not the only person slightly in awe of him!

So bottom line is that if you haven’t already, I strongly suggest you read this book. It’s the best. That is all.

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