At Peace (The ‘Burg #2) by Kristen Ashley

at peace

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My Rating: 4 (and a quarter) starts out of 5

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Whilst book hunting this week (through stalking my friends bookshelves) I came across this book and thought ‘Oh, so many good ratings, got to try this one.’ So I did. And I happened to really enjoy it as well.

I think this book is well laid out. The author definitely wins with the story line. She does a great job of making the story flow from beginning to end and the story is just brilliant, period. It has a way of making the reader get sympathetic towards the characters and get eventually become immersed in their story. There was definitely a lot of ‘pain’ which came along with the story, but everyone deserves a happy ending!

Violet is healing from her husband’s death while also trying to be a mother to two teenage daughters. Life is incredibly demanding for her right now until she finally meets her neighbour, Joe, and well… he’s one scary mo’fo. A woman with two daughters, and a man not willing to commit, is definitely not a good combination. But there’s also someone from the past they were running from who might finally be catching up.

He was my hot-as-shit, bad boy, player next door, security to the stars booty call. He was a serious, scary, rugged, sinister, alpha male.

Her daughters are the funniest. I can only imagine how hard it must be for Vi to bring them up! At least they’re hilarious though right, some of the things they come out with… bonkers! But it made the story a little more entertaining for me. There was definitely humour in places, although the storyline was quite intense. It doesn’t just make you sad throughout, it makes you laugh too and that was another plus point for me.

The only downside probably, was that certain sentences during the beginning up to the middle part didn’t make sense to me. It could just be me and my tiredness whilst reading, but it was something I picked up on. Apart from that, this is a story I would most definitely recommend! It’s truly inspiring, it melts your heart, it has everything inside. I cannot wait to read more from this author, she has truly done a wonderful job.

But even the strongest person in the world needed something to hold onto.

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