Here’s to Falling by Christine Zolendz

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My Rating: 5 + stars 

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance (with some dark elements)

This was probably one of the most emotional reads for me this year. I loved the author’s style of storytelling, I’m pretty certain it must have been really difficult for her to write this story, some emotional scars developed along the way. This sort of writing commitment just really inspires me as a reader and I salute her for bringing to life such a beautifully written story which required her to really step in to the main characters shoes.

This was a beautiful story about friendship, loss, overcoming that loss and trying to survive the tribulations of life. This is real life guys, surviving. I just think the characters were really well written, it was brought to life in a fantastic way and honestly, these characters will stay with you forever. As will this story. I recommend this to everybody. Sorry I do not have the heart to speak much about this. It’s just beautiful. And don’t worry there is most definitely a happy ending! But it just catches your heart.

The story is also told through flashbacks so you’re constantly second guessing certain things in the present which may have been caused by the past. It certainly keeps you entertained from beginning to end. No doubt a must read!

Ps. If I could re-do my list of top 10 reads of 2015, this would most definitely be included!

My flesh only felt alive where his fingertips touched down; the rest of my body was just shadows and memories of us.

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