Book Review: The Rebirth of Sin (Wicked Trinity 2) by Courtney Lane


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My Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Genre: Dark Suspense

I have been mia with reading and reviewing this past week, I was out of the country but now I am back to my usual gist!

Courtney Lane definitely knows how to write a good dark suspense!

This book took a completely different turn than what I expected.

The story carries on from when Keaton decides to start a new life after the one she leads at Rebirth, with Noah. Knowing Noah and his past, she knows it will be a challenge but she wants to pursue this something which is there between them regardless. But after experiencing the things she did, it can’t be that easy getting back to reality… which is why I’m glad this struggled journey was presented to us in a part two.

I can’t talk about this story at all, or discuss aspects in detail as it would honestly ruin the experience for you. All I can do is recommend this book, especially if you have read part one already. This series is a perfect book in the dark suspense genre and I think Courtney Lane has done an outstanding job in writing such a creative and thrilling piece fir us readers.

This book is honestly very unique in the sense that it doesn’t follow traditional patterns in its genre type. It makes its own path in delivering to us something which is much unexpected but what should be in a suspense writing after all. I have high hopes though that the happy ending I am rooting for will essentially happen! I am always team Noah. I know he can be redeemed. Don’t judge me for still wanting him! I feel Courtney just wanted me to hate him for the books mind fuckery purpose but I have hopes Noah will be back! I was just mad at Keaton for being a little stupid, gosh I hope she gets her head in check.

Be warned that there are some ridiculously sick events that happen so just be prepared to endure! It is part of the storyline theme after all so hang in there!

Genuinely really excited to read what could possibly happen next! I don’t think I can handle more drama, but I definitely want it!

Touching an angel while having one foot in Hell and tempting her until her wings changed from pure white to sooty black became an experience that couldn’t be matched.

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