Book Review: Target on Our Backs (Monster in His Eyes 3) by J.M. Darhower


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My Rating: 5 + stars

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Every part of me was made or every part of him. It’s the kind of love I can’t imagine ever living without. It’s raw, and real, and it’s ours.


If you don’t know, Monster In His Eyes is most favourite contemporary book, reading a new book to my favourite series, well you can imagine how happy I would be.

This was actually very different to the previous two. I had no doubt of Naz’s intentions and be as he may, I still loved his character and actions. He always does right by Karissa and it’s beautiful. It was great to see how Karissa kept her faith in his intentions as well because after everything, right or wrong, their love is very real and true.

When a story ends, there’s never a guarantee of a happy ending, more is yet to come and target on our backs is about that. After being rid of secrets and trying to move on, things still catch up. There are many enemies in the sort of life Naz lived, so the story continues. Just when you think you can move on, something holds you back.

Karissa has evolved so much from the girl she used to be. She now has a voice, an opinion, a backbone. All of which she lacked before. She is not afraid to speak her mind, she catches on really quickly and is no longer the victim of being kept in the dark. I actually really like the new her, it suits Naz much better. But I think it’s also because of the life she got to build after never really having a place to belong to all her life.

It was wonderful to witness all the jokes and laughter Naz and Karissa had. Their interactions have changed so much, but I would expect that after all the secrets were out, there was no hiding things and there was no fear. Karissa knows Naz would never hurt her and regardless of the life he has been involved in, she has faith in him as a man. Oh honestly, I am a romantic mess with these two. There isn’t two characters who I love more than these two.

Oh and not to forget the interesting new characters. Lorenzo was truly something else. I don’t think I like him but I do at the same time, it’s a weird experience. I just think he was good for this story and bought and interesting twist to it. So I can’t really hate on him.

I am so so happy J.M.Darhower released this amazing gift. Seriously I have no words. I got to live in my favourite world more. I loved every sentence and every page. Sorry for the major fangirling, but really, can you blame me?


Obviously the best of 2016 for me.

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