Top 10: My To Be Read Book List

I haven’t been reading lately, but my to be read book list keeps growing. Here are the top recent and upcoming releases which I can’t wait to read. In no particular order of course.

1.Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices 1) by Cassandra Clare


The Shadow hunters are back! It’s a book lovers dream come true…. the only thing that has kept me from reading it up until now is the price. How the hell does an ebook cost like £8!?

2.Sweetest Venom (Virtue 2) by Mia Asher


So this book has literally been meaning to release for like over a year now. The first one came out in 2014 so it has been a long wait. Apparently it’s due in April this year, I hope it does!

3. One Day Soon by A. Meredith Walters


I have heard amazing things about this one and the blurb has drawn me in! Will be giving this a go in the near future.

4. Hush (Black Lotus 3) by E.K. Blair


This one is due in April, and before it is, I will be reading part 2 which I have been holding back on!

5. Sparrow by L.J. Shen


This one sounds like it’s right up my alley and again, heard such wonderful things about it. I am definitely going to read this one!

6. Eighteen: 18 by J.A. Huss


This one is actually next on my reading schedule as soon as I finish ‘Love Chloe’ by Alessandra Torre. The storyline for Eighteen is actually one I have read many times before but it still draws me in! I haven’t read from this author before so I am excited and hope it doesn’t disappoint!

7. The Summer Remains by Seth King


I discovered Seth King by stalking him on instagram and I am pretty certain he writes brilliant stories. But I know this one will be heart breaking hence I have held off for so long. One day!

8. Cleat Chaser by Celia Aaron and Sloane Howell


I think when all my bookish friends are reading something, I am bound to be intrigued by that story. This is one of those.

9. Adore (Spiral of Bliss 4) by Nina Lane


Urm hello?! Professor Dean new book (Feb 9th- but still new to me!) alert.

10. To have and to hold (The Wedding Belles 1) by Lauren Layne


I just have to read this because it’s Lauren Layne! July 26th can you please hurry!

I’m going to try and make it my mission to get through these books, and not just leave them to rot on my to read pile (like I do mostly). Happy reading!



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