Love Chloe by Alessandra Torre

Book Review: Love, Chloe by Alessandra Torre


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My Rating: 4 stars out of 5
Genre: Contemporary Romance

This is completely different to Alessandra’s other works. You may b familiar with her suspense stories, this one is a little more light hearted but really, she’s done a fab job of it. It has a more chick lit feel to it, I loved it!

Chloe was this really fun girl, with a privileged and spoilt background. She has no idea how to start anew when the wealth of her family is lost. Finding a job in new York city is harder than ever but she is willing to do whatever to save up in order to finally get her degree in her hands. Even if that involves working for a self-righteous bitch with her head stuck up her ass; Nicole. She is the typical rich bitch boss you read about or see in movies. Chloe is also up for meeting someone, finding love to ease her loneliness.

I loved the whole ‘instagram’ theme going on within the titles of each chapter. It was really unique and reflects the whole Instagram obsession we all have these days. The writing style was also different to Alessandra’s other books but wow, she can really do it all! It was funny, it was emotional, it was real and especially when you’re at the whole ‘finding yourself’ stage in life as well, it makes you connect with Chloe on a whole another level.

I loved each and every male character in this story. It was hard figuring out who Chloe might really be into or end up with which is a nice change from the predictability we usually experience in stories. Clarke was my favourite of them all, he was sophisticated, mature, smart and most importantly loyal. Had to love him!

Then there was also Vic and Carter. Let me tell you, I liked Vic just as much as Carter. Him and Chloe had history which I kept begging for her to give in to in my mind. I mean you love him, why would you want to not give him another chance!? Carter also intrigued me, it was his complete opposite nature to Vic, the really casual but serious guy. There were so many characteristics about him which are really hard to not like! So it was a definite toss between them two.

Don’t even get me started on . Everything that came out of his mouth was pure gold. He is definitely my kind of person, we could be besties if he was real. He was always messing around, but serious about other things such as work and friendship. You all just need to meet him if you haven’t already.

Overall, ‘Love, Chloe’ is a wonderful, unique journey  which is quite difficult to put down once you start. The writing will hook you right from the beginning and you will most definitely be sucked in to Chloe’s world. I haven’t been reading much lately but I finished this in almost one day. Which is a really big thing for me, so obviously it was the book which this was because of. Definitely recommend!

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