Top 10: Series I Need to Finish

Many times I read books which are part of a series where all the books are not out yet. So in my wait, I don’t end up going back to them or reading them. Now my list has gotten a little too long of books a part of series I really should be getting too! These are in no particular order, just what popped in to my mind first…

1.Fixed Series by Laurelin Paige


This was such a good book when I read it! I was obsessed but I never did get around to reading the final two parts. So that needs to be rectified sometime soon.

2. King by T.M. Frazier


I’ve only read the first book sadly, I kept procrastinating reading when the second part came out. I am ashamed.

3. The Nocte Trilogy by Courtney Cole

black lotus by e.k. blair

Okay, I actually have a valid reason for not completing this. I have only not read the final book because I have been too scared to find out what happens! Apparently it’s an even bigger mind trip than the first too parts so can you blame me for being scared?

4. Black Lotus by E.K. Blair


I was made to wait a really long time for the next book after I read the first one. I forgot to get around to reading the rest, but I am sure it will be pretty amazing.

5. Debt Inheritance by Pepper Winters

Debt inheritance by pepper winters

I have actually always read these books as soon as they came out, it’s just the final book I am slacking behind on. I think I’m afraid of being disappointed as the last book wasn’t up to my expectations.

6. Spiral of Bliss by Nina Lane

sprial of bliss by nina lane

I’ve always had a strange relationship with these books, I actually started Adore (book 4) last week but for some reason I couldn’t get in to it. I’m currently reading Lady Midnight by Cassandra Claire (happy dance) so may be I will visit it again after I am done with this!

7. Stripped by Skye Warren

stripped by skye warren

I actually have book 2 “Better When it Hurts” on my kindle, but I need to get around to it someday.

8. Cocktail by Alice Clayton

cocktail by alice clayton

This is one of those which have completely slipped my mind. I really liked the first two books in this series, I am quite hopeful of the rest!

9. Eagle Elite by Rachel Van Dyken

eagle elite by rachel van dyken

Now, I’ve only read book one, some parts were a little silly but I did actually enjoy it! I do want to continue the series and know what else happens.

10. House of Night by  P.C. Cast

house of night by p.c. cast

I just really need to read book 12, “Redeemed”. I have it on hand just don’t really know why I haven’t yet read it.

So now that I have this list, I can refer to it when I’m confused on what to read next, because I really need to be finishing these!


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