5 Reasons Why it’s Okay to Write Negative Book Reviews

So I’ve thought about this particular topic many times. I know my book community has a really big heart and when we are so kindly gifted books to review, we often feel obliged to write positive reviews, even if we didn’t necessarily like the book. But have you thought that writing negative book reviews doesn’t have to mean that you are being disrespectful to the author. Here’s a list of reasons why I think writing negative book reviews is actually ok.

1. Being Honest Reviewers

We often forget our purpose of reviewing books is to tell people whether the book was good or not. Of course it all just our personal opinion and it doesn’t have to mean that the book was bad period. I think people understand that. If I read negative reviews it never means I won’t read the book myself. But we often forget to be honest in this community. We are so busy being nice and careful not to hurt feelings that we lose sight of a reviewer’s purpose. Being honest is key, what’s the point of writing positive ‘reviews’ of books we don’t end up liking? This community needs the negative book reviews too.


2. We’re Not Saying the Author is a Bad Writer

In this community we need to understand that we all like different books. There have been many books which my friends have liked and I haven’t. We all have different tastes when it comes to books, and we all can like different things. It doesn’t have to mean that the author is bad, it just means that that particular book wasn’t for us. And that’s ok because we can’t all like the same things, otherwise it would be a very boring community for us!

3. Your Readers Are Looking To You For Advice

Those who read our reviews, are looking for the pros and cons of the story to see whether it’s for them or not. When you are honest, they can seek out whether they will like the story and whether they should purchase it. They are spending their money after all and don’t want to waste it on something they may not like in the end.

4. Authors Can Handle It

We’re all mature here -well most of us are. I think hurting authors feelings are one of the biggest reasons why we all stray from negative reviewing. I’m sure authors won’t be heartbroken if you don’t like their book, like I said we don’t like everything we read. We’re all adults and can handle a little negative reviewing as it actually shows the author what worked for their reader and what didn’t and give them room for improvement. As long as you are not nasty and personally offend the author of course. Don’t be rude, but tell the truth.


5. It makes You Interesting

It really does. I like to read people’s personal opinions regarding books. I have read stories which I have loved and when a friend has read it, and left a negative book review for it, I have actually been intrigued to discover why they didn’t like it. I can learn so much about someone by the reviews they write, what interests them and what doesn’t. Reading negative book reviews (not rude ones) actually shows that you have a fun personality and are not afraid of speaking your heart out on the internet. It keeps your readers entertained and makes you a reliable resource to trust for book feedback!

But of course we get the attention seekers now and then who are writing negatively mainly for attention, those are easy to pick out from the crowd. As long as you are not personally attacking an author, and are not rude, I think writing negative book reviews is actually important in the book community. Nothing personal, they’re just a matter of opinion.

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