Book Review: Adore (Spiral of Bliss #4) by Nina Lane

spiral of bliss by nina lane

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My Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Genre: Contemporary Romance

This is a series which is pretty different to other books in the way that it is just so reality based. This book touches upon real life issues we may have. It’s not full of drama and action, but I think it’s one of the things that also makes this book so appealing. It really is hard to get enough of Professor Dean West which is why I always come back for more.

This story fast forward a little in to the future where Dean and Liv now have a beautiful baby boy; Nicholas. With Dean progressing in this position at university, travelling places and doing whatever it is he does with historical sites, Liv is also having success in her café business. They are both incredibly busy, and the time they do spend together is usually in the evening at home where they are both tired, and unable to spend quality time with one another. Liv is determined to take on more tasks than she can handle, whilst Dean is being offered a position that means moving to Paris…

This story started off a little slow and I actually had to pause in between and pick it up again after reading another book. But then I got really in to it and ended up remembering just why it is I liked this series in the first place. These characters go through something each married couple I suppose does after having kids and being busy with everyday life. But the story shows that love doesn’t just die, but you have to fight and try for it. Even when you lose that spark after many years of being together, it can still be the same if you let it.

Liv and Dean are truly such an amazing couple and their story is such fun to read. They are both completely in love with one another and it’s one of the things I really like about this book. Yes, their love is ordinary but they make it extraordinary and the things they are willing to do for one another have no boundaries. I always felt more deeply connected with Liv in the way that I understood why she was scared, I understood her insecurities and it’s lucky that she had someone like Dean with her through all of that!

Overall, this is one series which every romance reader should experience. Nina Lane did a fabulous job of bringing the story to life and reminding us just why we love Dean and Liv so much. It really is difficult not to like a book written in really well. If you haven’t already met Dean West then you are sseriously missing out!

“The wait will give you the biggest damned prize of your life. And you’ll know you’d do it again, a thousand times over. You’d wait longer than an eternity for her. That’s how worth it she is.”

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