Book Review: Echo (Black Lotus #2) by E.K Blair

echo by e.k blair

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My Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Genre: Romantic Suspense

I have been meaning to read this since it first came out but truth be told, I have been a little scared. If you read the first one and know how it ended, can you blame me? I finally decided it was time though, since I kept seeing it appear on goodreads so whilst I had time during the Easter holidays, as I had a feeling once I started it I wouldn’t be able to stop, I decided to  give in.

This is one of those reads where I just can’t talk about the storyline at all because it will most definitely ruin the experience for you, being a romantic suspense and all. This story has a few twists and turns, ending in a cliff hanger as well so be warned! Although the next book is due soon so it’s not like you’ll have to wait for it to come out.

Nina is one of those heroines who you can’t help but hate. I loathed her so much, yet it is a miracle I ended up liking this book. She’s made some horrible decisions in her child like ways, going about seeking revenge on an innocent man, yet feeling no remorse. She is selfish, she is stupid, yet is it really her fault for being so wretched after the life she has had? It’s just like when we consider whether psychopathic killers can really be blamed for their behaviour due to their upbringing and the way their mind works. I don’t know.

I actually did understand Nina’s pain however. I pitied her for all that could have been for her should she have sought a different path. Karma is a bitch and it’s sad that it came for her like that but seeking repentance is her only path. Too bad some things she just cannot undo.

I think this is a brilliantly set out plot line which make you gasp at every little new twist and make it hard for you to stop reading. You will love this book and hate it at the same time for all the things that happen in it but I guarantee you will enjoy it thoroughly.


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