Book Review: The Randy Romance Novelist by Meghan Quinn


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My Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Genre: Humour, Contemporary Romance

Meghan Quinn has honestly become a go to author for me, she does it again with ‘The Randy Romance Novelist’. She’s one of those who I think is absolutely hilarious each time and we all need a little humour in our lives.

This is the sequel to ‘The Virgin Romance Novelist’ which was quite possibly one of my most favourite reads from last year. When I saw this release I was like hell yes this is so happening! There are so many different things I liked about this one. Rosie has finally broken her virginity, in a relationship with her best friend and everything seems to be going pretty great. Expect for the fact that she may quite possibly be addicted to humping Henry. To the point where she will do anything to get him any way she can. How randy.

Rosie literally has little clue about many things in life. But it is her innocence (call it unbelievable if you may I don’t care that’s what makes this so good) that draws you in and makes you laugh. And bless Henry, he must be the most amazing and patient man in the world for putting up with her! If you read this you will very likely laugh at her ridiculousness.

Because Rosie is also an author, I like how Meghan wrote about certain things which also relate to her novel and may be some of the comments people might have said. I loved her answers. Where she talks about how even though certain things which happened in the previous book might make the heroine sound silly, it’s also relatable to real life readers. I mean, who doesn’t want to laugh a little at them?

If you loved the previous book you’ll be happy to know we have some more of snarky Martha in there! NO COMMENT. READ THE DAMN BOOK ALREADY.



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