Book Review: The Bad Ones by Stylo Fantome


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My Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Genre: Romantic Suspense

**Reader discretion advised**

For me this book was exactly as good as I expected it to be. The author’s books never disappoint me. The bad ones is another fantastic deliverance by Stylo Fantome.

The writing was amazing. The bond between Con and Dulcie was spectacular. It goes beyond love, or anything that normal people could comprehend. Which is why I was attracted to it so much. They were two halves of a soul, bound by their darkness and when two people like that come together then KABOOM. There’s bound to be some sort of explosion. I loved their thoughts, their quotes, the way they felt about each other. There’s just something about reading lyrical writing that speaks to me on a deeper level.

“As his teeth left bite marks down the side of her neck, she thought maybe she didn’t need oxygen anymore. He could just breathe for her.” 

I love reading something unique and this book was very different. There isn’t just a bad man this time around, but a bad girl to along with him too. They both are equals, one isn’t dominating another but they both have an equal hold on each other. They are both so detached from the world, everyday life, that instead of wallowing about it or living out ways in which they do not enjoy, they decide to have fun, do whatever the heck they want just because they can. It totally brought back my obsession with socio paths. So unemotional but pretending to care. Everyday life is just too, human for them.

Now I heard that some people found this too bloody etc but let me just tell you, the whole point of stories are that it’s fiction. If you believe them to be anything else, well you’re delusional. And we’re all grown-ups reading this book so we all know right from wrong. Just enjoy a book for what it is! I just think everyone should give this a go, it definitely shows how not everyone feels, thinks, acts the same and it gives the reader a chance to explore different characteristics.

So yeah, highly recommended by me to anyone looking for something a little different and something which goes beyond their usual limits. It will certainly make you think.

“She trailed her fingers down his sternum, then splayed her hand flat against his stomach. How interesting, to feel so comfortable in another person’s skin. To want to rip him open and crawl inside him and never see the light of day again.”

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